A story worth telling... 

My name is Ben Bennett (no that's not me on the roof).  I live in Big Cottonwood Canyon part time.  I have a background in acquiring, digitizing and publishing historical photos, stories and other records from all over the world (most recently, I led the effort to digitize and publish the 1921 UK Census which included more than 38 million individual records; These were the original records with no copies that had be handled with great care lest they be destroyed and the details lost to history forever).  

Since discovering many historical photographs of Big Cottonwood Canyon, I've been on a quest for a book that tells the story of skiing and riding in Big Cottonwood - ideally using more pictures than words (think coffee table book).  Thus far, I have not been able to find such a book.

 If this book already exists, please tell me!  (and then I won't have to write it!)

What I have found is thousands of photos that tell the story of skiing and riding in Big Cottonwood.  When I show these pictures to others, they ask how they can get a copy.  I'm  convinced this is a story worth telling...

With the help of other collaborators, I'm in the process of creating the book I've always wanted to have - the story of the last 150 years of skiing and riding in Big Cottonwood Canyon told using high quality historical photos (and brief stories) - many which haven't been seen for 50+ years!   

As of August 2023, the manuscript is about 50% complete.  

Stay tuned for more information as to the completion and publication of the book.  

If you have or know of materials that should be considered for inclusion in the book, please contact me.  

If you have additional questions regarding this effort, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.  

Once the book has gone to print, you'll be able to support this effort and pre-order a copy here.  

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