It takes a village...

A project like this is never the result of one person.  I'm thankful to those who have already been generous with their time and materials in hopes of making this project a reality.  A hearty


to the following individuals and organizations.  Without them, it simply would not be possible to tell the story of the birth of the greatest snow on earth!    If you are interested in collaborating with us on this project (or know someone who might be), please contact us!

Barbara Cameron, Doug Fry and all members of the board of the Big Cottonwood Canyon Historical Society have and continue to be foundational contributors to this project.  I can't thank them enough!

The Ski & Snow Sports Archives maintains the most comprehensive collection of historical photos and other materials.  We combed through more than 7,000 images to find the very best.  We're grateful that institutions like this exist to preserve our history.   

Others coming soon!

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