Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2.  When will the book be completed?  I'd like to have the book ready for winter of 2023/2024, however, I also won't cut corners on quality so there's an excellent chance that it could be finished after that point.  Sign up to pre-order the book here.  

3.  I have (or know about) some images that I think should be included in the book.  How can I collaborate with you?  We would love to see any photos and/or stories that you have or know about for potential inclusion in the book.  Please contact us here.  

4.  Will all images that are shared with you be included in the book?  Unfortunately no.  The final book is estimated to be ~200 pages.  To date, we've reviewed more than 7,000 images for potential inclusion.  We're working to select the images that do the best job telling the story of skiing and riding in Big Cottonwood Canyon combined with the images that we can obtain rights / permission to from the known copyright holder (see more on this below).  As such, we can't guarantee that a photo you share (and/or your favorite photos) will be included in the final version.  

5.  Where can I buy the book?  The book will be available for purchase on this site, on Amazon and in few select retail outlets in and around Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Sign up here to be notified when pre-ordering will be available.   

6. When you say coffee table book, what do you mean?  The old saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true in this case.  The intention is that the book will mostly be large format pictures with sparse text on a few pages that help provide context to the pictures.  The pictures will be the star of the show.  

7. What is the quality of the final product (book)?  I started this project because I wanted a high quality, hardcover coffee table book that I could have in my home.  As such, the final copy of the book will be similar to other coffee table books that you've seen and would be proud to own and display (i.e. hard cover, heavy pages 150 gsm pages with an art matte finish).  

8. Are you working with a publisher or self publishing this book?  We have identified some publishers that may be interested in this type of publication and do plan to discuss the project with them to see if they are interested in supporting it.  At this time, we are working to self fund / self publish the first edition (you can support this effort by pre-ordering copies of the book here).  

9. Who is funding this effort?  BCSB LLC a small business focused on telling the stories of the canyons is funding this effort.  You can learn more about the project here

10. Do you own the copyright for the images included in the book?  No.  We work to respect the original copyright owner's rights under the US Copyright Act of 1976.  Prior to publication, we are and will continue to make commercially reasonable efforts to contact the copyright owner to a) obtain written permission to use their image(s) and b) to provide them with fair compensation for the same.  We will fully respect any copyright holder who does not wish to have their image(s) included in the final publication.  If you are a copyright holder that has images that you DO or do NOT want included, please contact us to discuss them.  

11. Are you modifying the images (and does that change the copyright)?  Yes and yes.  In preparing the images for publication in the book, we modify the size of the image and / or work to enhance or sharpen the image.  In most cases, we believe that this constitutes "transformative" changes to the image.  The US Copyright Office defines "transformative" use as "...those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work."  Transformative use is allowed under the Fair Use provision of the US Copyright Act.  In the event that the specific image(s) in question are deemed by us to be transformative and thus covered under fair use, upon written request of the copyright holder, and to avoid any confusion we will willingly assign written copyright for the transformed work to the original copyright owner in exchange for a limited license allowing us to use the image in the book.   If you are a copyright holder that has images that you DO or do NOT want included, please contact us.  

12. Who is responsible for this work / publication?  BCSB LLC is solely responsible for all activities related to this effort.  Ben Bennett is an authorized representative for BCSB LLC.  

13. I've read through this FAQ and I still have questions.  Please contact us

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